Chastity Lockdown - Final Days

The final days of Chastity Lockdown began on Saturday with the release of the accompanying session.
In the days before, Domina had allowed a bit of edging, which i appreciated a lot, but due to the conditioning from the previous file, i couldn't stroke fast and automatically slowed down, the more aroused i got. It took me very long to reach the edge and it wasn't as satisfying as it normally is.

When i lay down to listen to the new file on Saturday, i was feeling sexually frustrated and looking forward to the Lockdown to end on Valentine's day, but after waking up from the session, things had changed. Like so often, it's hard to remember details, but my need to cum is blown away. I'm still horny, but it's like my brain and body unlearned, that cumming would ease my frustration.
It's really difficult to write down, how exactly this feels, because there seems to be a kind of blockade, that makes it hard to think about cumming, but i know, that from now on, it is my Owner's decision not only when i'm allowed release, but also if and when i want to.

The Lockdown isn't over yet, but i can already testify, that its effects take my servitude to my Owner to a new level. There had already been that connection between being horny and feeling obedient and wanting to make Her happy, but there was always the possibility of being allowed release as a reward. Even though it wasn't my primary motivation in pleasing my Domina, not having to think about it any more (or better not being able to), will help me to focus on serving Her even better.

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