Chastity Lockdown - Week 3

The second week of Chastity Lockdown is over. My Owner gave me two opportunities to edge, so it felt a bit easier than the first week, but the real tease began on Thursday... Domina released the new monthly training file for Her contracted slaves and with this, She set a starting point for what i expect to be coming this week. The file contains two tracks with Her voice. In one, She is whispering, making me horny and wanting to cum. In the other, She places suggestions of wanting to obey Her and stay chaste.
When i woke up, i felt confused. My mind shifted back and forth between my need to cum and wanting to stay chaste. I couldn't decide, what feeling was stronger, but i don't have to. It's my Owner's decision and i can just follow and accept without needing to think about it.

Week 3 started on Saturday with the release of the accompanying recording and assignment.
I listened as soon as i could on Saturday. The session began with Domina talking a bit, not an induction like i was expecting, but when She suddenly snapped Her fingers and said 'sleep', i was gone. She first continued to take me deeper, only to wake me up again a little later. I was surprised at first, but very delighted, when She told me to stroke slowly. I was just beginning to enjoy the sensations, as She snapped me back to sleep. My body went heavy and She told me to stop stroking.
She began to tease me by making me think about how stroking would feel and my frustration started to build.
A little later, She did it again. Waking me up, letting me stroke a bit, only to drop me down again and tell me to stop...
Luckily, She allowed me to stroke again when i was back in trance and while i was distracted a bit by that, She implanted some wicked suggestions. The first one is, that i will stroke slower the more aroused i get, the second one connects me need to cum with the desire to stay chaste for Her, confusing my mind again about what i really want.
Since She didn't tell me to stop stroking after waking me up, i continued and tested the suggestion and i started to get an idea, how frustrating this third week will be. I wanted to stroke faster so badly, but i hardly could. My arousal faded a bit and that allowed me to increase the speed a bit, but i found, that i was soon slowing down again without noticing. This cycle went on a couple of times and occasionally, i even fell into a short trance and stopped completely.
I finally gave up, more horny and frustrated than before. With this suggestion, my Owner has made it impossible for me to edge and the slow stroking only increases my urge. This will be a very frustrating week...

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