Chastity Lockdown - the Final

The Chastity Lockdown ended on Valentine's Day. When i woke up, i knew that Domina would very likely send instructions to stroke and cum, but even though it had been more than 100 days since my last orgasm, i didn't feel an urge to cum. The training files of the Chastity Lockdown have transferred more control of that urge to my Owner, it's Her decision now if and when i want to cum.
While i was at work, i received the anticipated instructions together with a brainchip update. I read them immediately, i would have to listen to the update 3 times and follow the instructions. There were no details about what would happen, but from that moment on, my desire to cum was suddenly back and i couldn't wait to return home.

Upon returning home, i listened for the first time and it changed all my plans for the evening, because with the brainchip update, Domina triggered my to cum as often as possible within the next 24 hours. So i spent the evening alternating between cumming and listening to the brainchip file and one that Lady Helena had instructed me to follow.
Since Domina had programmed me to slow down with stroking the more aroused i get, it took quite the time to cum and so i managed to cum only 5 times before i had to go to sleep.

Unfortunately, i didn't find time to cum again during the rest of the 24 hours, but the urge drove me crazy. I'm looking forward to the weekend, because Domina has given me an assignment that allows me to cum again. It's a perfect timing, because on Monday, my chastity challenge with Lady Helena will start...

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