Chastity Challenge with Lady Helena

A few minutes ago, Lady Helena informed me, that our chastity challenge has started. I'm excited, because i don't know what's coming. There is no time-frame of any sorts and Domina Shelle had also warned me, the Lady Helena will tease me mercilessly... Both said, that Lady Helena is good at staying chaste, but i don't know, what good means... weeks...? months...? I didn't ask about that intentionally, because the uncertainty adds to the fun. Having a potentially very long time of chastity ahead, i'm glad, that the Truth or Dare game last weekend allowed me to drain myself and even though, my desire to cum was still low as an effect of the Chastity Lockdown last month, i came 9 times during the weekend and i can enter the chastity challenge without a handicap...

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