Suffering for Lady Helena's amusement

I'm still doing well with the chastity challenge and the past week was not too difficult. But Lady Helena said, that She is getting used to it, too, so there's no end in sight, yet...

After having to postpone it last week, we took my new spanking-machine to a test-drive last night.
After chatting a bit, we were ready to start and Lady Helena told me, that this would be an important lesson, because She would tech me to love to endure pain for Her (even more than i already did). She took me into a light trance and made me repeat sentences like 'i love to suffer for Your amusement' before the training started with putting some clothespins on my nipples and balls.
To my surprise, She allowed me to stroke despite our chastity challenge, but it came with a catch. She had me use a hot lube... i didn't have Icy Hot like She would have preferred me to use, but it still burned a bit and took away some of the pleasure from stroking.
The i heard the motor of the spanking-machine arm it... i waited for the impact, but it didn't come. Not yet... the devious thing about the machine is, that it doesn't strike immediately, but there's a separate button for that. And contrary to the motor being a little loud, the stroke itself is almost silent. There's a little noise from the arm moving, the swish of the cane and that's it. It all happens so fast, that i'm unable to prepare myself for the impact. So my moans of pain where mixed with yelps from the surprise. It was quite a mind-fuck for me and big fun for Lady Helena!

The new spanking-machine combined with the Delrin rod was a full success. The thin rod delivers a strong sting, while its weight makes sure, that there is also a thud like from a heavy cane and it raises the same red welts. I didn't count the strokes, it might have been a dozen or a little more, but if i'd had the choice, i would have stopped earlier. But i knew, how much fun it was for Lady Helena and that made me endure it. She always manages to push me just a little further every time.

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