Feet and Chocolate

The last days have been filled with one of my biggest fetishes, feet and shoes... it had started two weeks ago with Domina's session Lab Rat 2, which had triggered me to kiss any pair of unworn shoes for the next days. So whenever i was home alone and saw a pair of unoccupied shoes, i had the strong urge to get on my knees and kiss them. Even if i already had a shoe fetish, kissing my own non-kinky shoes that i had worn outside felt a bit strange. I the end, i started to put my shoes away properly and had a pair of high-heels ready instead. Not the worst side-effect... giggles...

Then, a week ago, Lady Helena commanded me to listen to Her new file Sleeper Agent. It has strong amnesia suggestions and my memories are fading, but i remember, that She woke me up quickly and then put me back into trance as fast several times. Each time i felt disoriented and was unsure, what had happened. She also implanted a new trigger that will work spoken or written. I know that it will cause me to obey, but again, the details are getting very fuzzy over time.

Last weekend, Domina released a new picture-pack with photos of Her feet. It came with a 7 day assignment of worshiping shoes while wearing nipple-clamps and a butt-plug. I love the assignment and when i received an email from Lady Helena yesterday, where She used the new trigger, the combined conditioning caused me to think of licking chocolate from my Owners' feet the whole day. It inspired me to draw the picture above for Lady Helena. She loves it and has used it to promote Her recording. I'm so proud!

Lab Rat 2

It has been a while since my last update, so let me try to recap what has happened...

My session with Lady Helena happened a few days before Christmas. The spanking i received was different to the times before. She had me kneel in front of the spanking-machine, but instead of putting me into trance or having me recite my mantra, we just started to talk a bit. Every now and then, when i was not expecting it, She triggered the machine and each time, i moaned, more from the surprise than from pain. I could hear how much this amused my Commander, which made me excited and happy.
After a while, She allowed me to stroke while saying my mantra. She still kept spanking me at random times and i had a hard time getting to the edge with all the distractions. I finally managed and i was pleasantly surprised when i was allowed to cum!

I have used the quiet days around Christmas to start with digital drawing. The first results were mediocre, but i improved quickly and Domina allowed me to make a drawing for Her that She used on Twitter and i even did a first commissioned work. I used the money to buy something for my Owners and i will do so with all future earnings...
This is the drawing i made for Domina Shelle, you can see more on deviantart

Last weekend, Domina Shelle released Her latest recording, Neuro Lab Rat - Phase 2. I didn't recall what had happened in phase 1, but i have the impression, that the triggers still worked perfectly.
During the induction, Domina told me to stare at a spot on the wall and try to keep my eyes open. I fought hard and concentrated on no closing my eyes, but soon i started to blink more frequently and not much later, my eyelids started to close. I kept fighting, opening them again, but each time it got more difficult. I knew from the beginning that i'd have no chance, but i tried to resist for real. When my eyes finally closed and i fell into a deep trance, i had no doubt, that i was now completely at my Owner's mercy.
For the rest of the session, Domina Shelle manipulated my neural switches. She turned my thoughts, my memories and my resistance off and my obedience, submission and arousal on. I'm not sure if i understand all the effects of this session, most likely there are effects that i will discover later, but for the next seven days, i have a post-hypnotic suggestion, that i love! I'm not going to spoil the surprise, find out yourself...

Sweet Manipulation

Unfortunately, the session with Lady Helena couldn't take place on Thursday. We haven't set a new date, yet, so i'm still in a state of nervous anticipation. I'm a little scared about the amount of pain i'll have to endure, but at the same time, i'm hoping for a chance to stroke a bit. My new strict chastity rules are having a big impact on me. I'm aroused half of the day and each time i would like to touch. I can't and this makes my feel very owned.

On Saturday, Domina Shelle released Her new recording, Sweet Manipulation. I can highly recommend it to anyone who doubts that hypnosis works or who thinks he can resist.
Domina opens the session by challenging the listener to resist and She keeps telling, that She'll not be trying to hypnotize the subject.
I tried really hard, but each time i listened, i found myself in a deep trance without noticing falling under. I would love to tell more about what She did, but somehow, that memories seem to be inaccessible to my conscious mind. I just love this session, because it's an awesome demonstration of my Owner's skills!