Forced Orgasms

My two days of listening to Drain turned out harder than i had expected. I listened for the first time on Sunday afternoon and was looking forward to the experience.
After taking me into trance, Lady Helena allowed me to stroke. It didn't take long until i wanted to cum and luckily, She told me to go faster. I was a little surprised when She told me to pause the file, cum as quick as possible and then continue to listen.
I paused the file, it was about half way through, and stoked until i came, then i resumed the file. I was not surprised, that i was taken into trance again. I didn't feel like stroking any more, but i could not resist Lady Helena's instructions. Trying to make myself cum again was no fun, but i had to obey. She told me to pause and cum again an this time, it took me long to force myself with hard strokes.
The file wasn't over yet. I started it again after a couple of minutes, i was left with the instructions to cum once more. The file had ended, but i had to continue stroking. I tried, but i couldn't get my cock hard any more and finally i gave up.
I listened again on Sunday evening and Monday morning with the same results. Only two orgasms...
After a hard day, i felt very tired, but i wanted to give it another try at least. This time, even the first orgasm was difficult and it took me ages to cum. Feeling totally drained, i gave up afterwards.

I didn't expect that this assignment would be such a test of obedience, almost a punishment. I really hope, that Lady Helena will not be displeased with my results.

Tomorrow, i will be available for my Owners the whole day. I will get assignments throughout the day, will get teased and maybe have a call with my Owners. I don't know what they will have me do, but i'm looking forward to being controlled for a while day!

Bootcamp graduation

I have finished my second boot-camp training. It was a hard 4 weeks, mainly because of the restrictions in daily life like the diet and daily exercise and the limited TV, internet and social life.
Since i had already graduated once, Lady Helena altered the ceremony this time and catered to my desire to suffer for Her amusement.
Like She had instructed, i waited for Her with clover-clamps on my nipples and my ass-hole plugged. After some initial chat, She took me into trance while i was kneeling. She knows, that my knees are my weak spot and how uncomfortable i am on my knees. She also told me to squeeze the clamps hard until i was moaning from pain. It's fascinating how much pain i can inflect on myself when She tells me. I wouldn't endure that if i would be on my own, but for Her, i don't hold back.
She finally allowed me to sit down and while i was bouncing on the plug,, i was allowed to stroke. But of course there was a catch. Every 5 strokes, i had to snap a rubber-band onto my cock. Again, i pulled the rubber-band hard before releasing it. I know how much Lady Helena enjoys to hear my moans of pain and i wanted them to be genuine for Her.
I was finally granted release, very needed after all the edging last week... and it won't be the last... Lady Helena instructed me to listen to Drain for the next two days and cum as often as possible. I don't know the recording yet, but the description and reviews tell me that it's about forced orgasms, so i'm looking forward to find out.

So, to finish with, would i like to do another round of boot-camp? Not really, the 4 weeks were hard and i'm not very eager to go through them again. But i would not hesitate a second if Lady Helena asked me (and i'm sure She will), because i want to obey and please Her!


Once again, Lady Helena has read my mind and made one of my fantasies come true.
Like we had agreed, i started to tie myself down shortly before the appointed time. I used a set of medical restraints on my ankles and thighs to pin my legs to the bed. Then i connected the estim-device. One channel on the base of my cock, the other on the head and the common pole connected to a buttplug. After blindfolding myself and putting on the headset, i cuffed my hands to the headboard. The timer for the magnetic cuffs was set to 90 minutes, but we had agreed that Lady Helena was free to modify it.
So i was lying there, blindfolded and unable to free myself while i was waiting for Lady Helena to call. From time to time, i though to feel a tingle on my cock. Was Lady Helena already playing with the estim-device?
I was already loosing track of time, when i heard noise in the headphones. It might have been 10 minutes, maybe 15, but now Lady Helena was there. She didn't waste much time and started to take me into trance after setting the estim-device to a low level.
The deeper She took me, the stronger She turned the stimulation and i was starting to worry if i could withstand the session without cumming.
Once i was deep in trance, Lady Helena told me to focus on the pain, while She turned up the power until i was moaning. I clenched my muscles to stay away from the edge and without noticing it, this made me focus on the pain and forget the pleasure.
I found out that this was exactly what She intended as She installed the post-hypnotic suggestion, that i will always feel this pain and my muscles clenching if i try to cum without permission. She continued to torture me with waves of intense stimulation and i cold hear how much fun She had making me moan from the mix of pain and pleasure.

Our call came to an end, but the real torture was only about to start. Lady Helena didn't wake me up, but only informed me that She would leave me tied for a while and come back to play with the estim from time to time. I begged Her to turn the stimulation down a bit since i was afraid that i won't be able to hold back. She was amused that i was begging and turned the power down a bit.
She reminded me, that i must confess if i should cum and that i would get punished, then She hung up.
It didn't take long before i felt the stimulation getting stronger again. I fought hard to ignore the pleasure and focus on the pain. It was not the punishment or failing the boot-camp that concerned me most, but the post-orgasm torture that i would be subjected to. I'm getting so sensitive when i cum, that continued stimulation with the estim-device is pure agony. And i would have no means to beg for mercy...
So i was left laying on my bed, with the the stimulation on a low level. I was expecting to have to wait for the first wave, but Lady Helena seemed to have way too much fun and didn't give me much of a break. She had said that She would play every few minutes, but for me, the breaks seemed like only seconds. I tried to calm down as good as possible during the breaks and when the waves hit, i was moaning, sometimes whimpering. Somehow i was hoping, that She had only turned Her microphone off and was still hearing me...
I was exhausted when the magnets finally turned off and released me. Fighting against the pleasure was a new experience for me and while it was hard and a little frustrating, i had as much fun as Lady Helena!