Cock shocked

My shock-collar has been collecting dust in a drawer, which i wasn't really unhappy about. So far, Lady Helena had only used it on my thigh so far and while it wasn't very painful, the feeling still sucked. Lady Helena always had a lot of fun with it, though and that made it also fun for me.
A while ago, i had tried the collar around my cock and balls. It didn't do much with the contacts below my balls, but on top of my cock, it felt like hot needles digging into my flesh. It scared me and i never told Lady Helena about it... until 3 weeks ago...
Being horny had caused me to fantasize about harder torture and finally made me confess and it was no surprise, that my Commander couldn't wait to try it.
We had planned the session for last week already, but had to reschedule last minute. I was not too unhappy about being off the hook, but that also meant a week more to get nervous.
Last night, the time had finally come. When Lady Helena activated the magnets to lock my hands to the headboard and i was laying on the bed spread-eagle and helpless, my nervousness turned into fear and i began to tremble.
She took me into trance and started to reinforce the triggers from Her recording Pleasure Shock, but this time supported by the shock-collar. She turned up the power way more than i had dared myself, almost to maximum like She told me later.
She also placed a post-hypnotic suggestion into my brain... i will experience a ten times stronger shock should i ever try to cum without permission. I don't think i will test that any time soon...

After waking me up, Lady Helena informed me that this is Her new favorite toy... She now has something that i really fear and want to avoid, but i have a feeling that this will become a regular part of my training...

An unexpected outcum

It had been quite a while since i had an opportunity to have a session with my Owner and so, i was looking forward to it even more than usual. No wonder, since this is currently the only chance for me to get some pleasure.
After a bit of chatting, i got into position on the bed. I had already tied my feet to the corners and connected the e-stim device, so Domina Shelle could start to play right away after activating the magnets to secure my hands to the headboard.
And that is what She did. She didn't waste much time to tease me, but ramped the signal up quickly until i was getting close. Last time, She had turned the signal down quickly whenever i got to the edge, but not this time. I had to hold back while She reduced the power slowly.
I lost track what happened next. Sometimes, She edged me quickly, other times She ramped the power up more slowly, sometimes leaving it on a nice medium level, only to turn it off when i started to enjoy the feeling.
After 30 minutes, i was exhausted. I didn't know whether i wanted to stop or keep getting teased and edged. My whole body was tingling and my head spinning. Domina slowed down the teasing a bit and edged me a few more times until finally, She told me to let go and cum.
I hadn't expected that, but was very happy to get permission. It didn't take long until i was on the edge again, almost expecting to be denied last seconds, but my wonderful Owner kept going until i came.
Like alwas, my cock got so sensitive, that i begged Her to turn down the signal, but unlike last time, She didn't turn it off. Instead, She only turned it down a bit. First i thought, that i wouldn't be able to stand it, but a few seconds later, it proofed  to be the perfect intensity.
I kept cumming and the only thing i was able to do was to breath quickly and heavily. I had enough pleasure, but i was panting so heavily, that i was unable to beg Her to stop. It took a while until i was able to. She had mercy with me and our session ended.

That is almost an hour ago and i still feel like i'm high... i need to listen to Her voice now...

10 days...

It's my 10th day in complete chastity lockdown and i'm loving it! The first days were a bit difficult, because i was missing the stroking, but i got used to it very quickly.
The nights are different, though. Almost every night, i'm having very vivid dreams of bondage, foot-fetish, facesitting, teasing... all the things that make me horny... and every time the dream ends with furious wanking. At that point, i always wake up, because i know, that i mustn't stroke, only to find myself in my bed, still in mental chastity...
This has been very frustrating and a mindfuck by itself, but it also showed me, how powerful my Owner's suggestions are.
I don't think the remaining 16 days of Chastity Lockdown will be a big challenge, but it's only the beginning. Domina Shelle will not unlock me before i'm seriously begging for mercy...