Chastity surprise

I had an amazing Skype session with both my Owners today. We hadn't talked about what Domina Shelle and Lady Helena would do with me, so i got a little nervous as the appointed time approached.
The nervousness was quickly gone once we were talking and it didn't take long until Domina Shelle started to take me into trance. After a while, Lady Helena chimed in and started to tease me. First by talking about Her own arousal, but then She told me to rub my sissy clitty.
I was already getting the impression that i would get permission to cum when Domina suddenly put me into hypnotic chastity. She used the trigger word 'caged' to lock my desire to cum away. For a very long time, She said.
Lady Helena challenged Her suggestions by teasing me even more, but the physical part of my arousal was gone. While waking me up, they both teased me about how desperate they will make me and i'm really looking forward to that.
Before finishing our session, Lady Helena administered a couple of cane strokes with my spanking machine. I think She set it to a higher level than last time, it was just right to make me nervous about the next stroke and moan from the pain. It was not easy to take without a warm up, but hearing my Owners giggle and the nice afterglow i feel now, made it worth the suffering.

Boot camp: graduation

I made it through Lady Helena's boot-camp and earned the privilege to be contracted and collared by Her. Tonight we had the collaring ceremony.
First, She told me to recite the mantras of all four weeks. I had expected that and had made an effort to learn them by heart. I didn't want to make the same mistake like in the first week. I made a few minor mistakes for which i will get a spanking later, but Lady Helena was satisfied and allowed me to stroke slowly while She took me into a light trance.
She told me to repeat after Her... sentences about serving Domina Shelle and Her forever, obeying them and make every effort to make their lives easier. She also wanted me to tell Her what i have learned in the last four weeks and how i felt about that.
Lady Helena had told me that i would be allowed to cum, but while i was stroking slowly, i didn't feel like i would be able to edge. Only when She told me, to get closer, i did and i came exactly when She instructed me to. I didn't feel like i had much control over it and this made it feel very special.

I proud to be accepted as Lady Helena's contracted slave. I now, that serving two superiors will require more dedication from me, but i'm also looking forward to experience the control of two powerful women.

Boot camp: final week

The final week of Lady Helena's bootcamp has started. When i read the instructions, my first impression was that it wouldn't be much different to last week. I'm allowed red meat again, only fried food and ice-cream (which would be awesome to have, considering the weather) are still forbidden.
Things changed when i listened to this week's instruction file in the evening and i learned that this week my challenge will be to edge as often as possible. For the first day, it was limited to once per hour, so i only edged 3 times, but the next days will be a lot harder...